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Celebrated 30 Years in 2012

SRN Publications Celebrates 30 years

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Nissan/Infiniti Recalls Affect Children - Posted: Wednesday, May 04, 2016

   At the end of April, over 3 million Nissan and Infiniti vehicles were recalled due to faulty air bag sensor software.  Some of the vehicles, 2013–2016 Nissan Sentras, had an additional recall related to damage that can occur when a CR is installed in the front passenger seat.  This damage can put the child in great danger because it can cause the air bag sensor to fail to detect the presence of a child, allowing the air bag to deploy in a crash.
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Time to Ramp Up Heatstroke Prevention Efforts
   During Safe Kids fifth annual Heatstroke Town Hall meeting on March 29, the organizers were happy to report that last year there were fewer vehicular heatstroke deaths than in any year since tracking began in 1998.  However, the 24 deaths were preventable, and it is very troubling that as early as mid-March 2016, two children had already succumbed to heat stroke—a very bad start to the year. [Update:  By June 8th, the number of 2016 deaths had risen to 11.]

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