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Don’t Risk Your Child’s Life!
Child Passenger Safety in the 21st Century


9th Edition – Released 2016
Shelness Productions U.S.A.

  Introduced by Annemarie Shelness in 1978 as a landmark CPS pamphlet and video, the 2016 update is Don’t Risk Your Child’s Life ninth edition.  While continuing to include crash-test footage that shows consequences of misuse, the new edition has been thoroughly updated, showing modern vehicles and CRs.  A revised script focuses on current best-practice recommendations.

  English (29 minutes) and Spanish (31 minutes) versions are available in DVD, BluRay, or thumb drive formats.  Each is $66 plus shipping, with discounts available for quantities of two or more.  Shipping is free for orders of six or more.

Go to and select “Sales Promotion” for an order form and more information.


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