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 A Global CPS Survey: Products, Policies and Practices

Are you a global CPS learner, like me?

  Thanks to all who attended my Kidz in Motion session “A Global CPS Survey: Products, Policies and Practices,” August 27/28, 2010 in Fort Worth.*  As I mentioned during the session, the foundation of my research was identifying reliable CPS experts in regions around the world and surveying them regarding products, laws, standards and practices.

  It was only after I had this grounding that I began to use the Internet for gathering additional information, and even then I did so cautiously.  I share these Web sites with you as resources that you might find helpful for understanding the CPS viewpoints of certain countries and regions.  Though I found them to be among the most reliable sites that I came across, I cannot vouch for their current or continued accuracy, and the views presented do not necessarily represent those shared by Safe Ride News.

  Happy searching ~ please let me know if you learn anything new and interesting on this subject that you’d like to share with me!

Denise Donaldson
Editor, Safe Ride News
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Search Suggestions:
Safe Kids Worldwide: (A great starting point for gathering reliable information on the 19 SKW member countries around the globe.)
Australia: and (forum)
Canada: (Transport Canada, their NHTSA)
New Zealand— Plunket:
Road Safety Observatory, Final Report on the protection of children in cars 2014:
Website for International Conference on Protection of Children in Cars:

Car Seat Brands (by country/region):
  It is also interesting to search for information using the names of brands that are popular in the country/region, so I have included some of the information provided on that subject by my survey respondents.

Australia: Safe N’ Sound (Britax), Hipod, Babylove, Infa-Secure, IGC Dorel
Austria/Central Europe: Romer-Britax, Cybex, Maxi Cosi-Dorel, Kiddy, Jane, Recaro, STM (Storchenmuhle)
China: Goodbaby, STM, Combi, Baby First
Italy/Southern Europe: Artsana (Chicco), Britax, Team Tex, Dorel, Peg Perego
Japan: Combi, Aprica (Rubbermaid/Newell, like Graco), Carmate (Ailebebe), Takata
Mexico/Latin America: Britax, Evenflo, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Infanti
Sweden: Britax, Maxi Cosi, Duologic
United Kingdom: Britax, Maxi Cosi, Graco, Kiddy, Jane

* The PowerPoint® presentation from the session is available on the KIM Conference CD.


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