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 LATCH System Recalls and Product Notes

LATCH Recalls

Vehicle recalls related to LATCH anchors:

For list as of 1/08, see link in panel to left.

Child Restraints: Recent LATCH-related recalls

Britax Marathon: Recall on Tether
Model #: E9L06, E9W06, and E906  •  Dates: 5/23/06 - 7/28/06
Tether Hook: Lot # KGR 01 A  •  Problem:  For children exceeding 50 pounds, there is concern that the tether hook may open and potentially release during a crash.
    The recall kit includes a new tether hook on an energy-absorbing (or “rip-stitch”) strap that can be threaded onto the original CR tether strap.  This new hook design will make the seat safe to tether up to the seat’s maximum of 65 pounds in vehicles that approve use to this weight.  (The rip-stitching also would indicate if the CR has been in a severe crash.) The kit includes detailed instructions and a stick-on “Do Not Use” label to affix to the recalled tether hook, which is needed because there is no way to remove it from the strap.  (Users are told to move the old hook as far to one side as possible. 
    Since the new hook is on a rip-stitch strap, it will be different in appearance from the original tether. All registered Marathon owners with the manufacture dates above are being sent the consumer letter and this replacement tether hook.  Only around one third of these seats have the recalled tether hook, however, and the consumer is urged to discard the replacement hook if the seat does not meet 100% of the criteria. 
    For more information, including video instructions, or to register a CR, go to or call
Copyright 2007 Safe Ride News Publications, November/December 2007

miaModa* Infant Seat: LATCH Installation Recall (NOTE: Due to  a subsequent, non-LATCH recall of these models, DISCONTINUE USE!)
Model: Viva Infant Restraint System and separately sold Viva bases
Dates: 12/19/06 - 2/6/07
    In certain LATCH installations, when the strap is tightened the adjustment hardware aligns on top of the base, rather than alongside it.  In this position the adjustment hardware can interfere with the connection of the shell to the base, even when a connection “click” is heard.  In a severe crash this interference could lead to the shell detaching from the base.  No incidents or injuries have been reported.

* The company intentionally spells “miaModa”  with a lower-case “m.”
Copyright 2007 Safe Ride News, November/December 2007 edition

Chicco Key Fit Recall
Name: Key Fit & Key Fit 30 (including CRs in the Cortina travel system)
Dates: Feb. 26, 2008 — March 17, 2008
Problem: On a small number of bases, the LATCH webbing can slip through the adjustment lock rather than remain tight.  No injuries have been reported.
    The serial number on the base will give the date, which reads year/month/day.  Consumers should call Chicco for a replacement base if their date falls into the affected range. Base installation with a seat belt continues to be a safe option.
Contact: 1-800-807-8817 or

Baby Trend Rigid Latch-Loc Recall
Model #: 6400, 6439, 6448, 6481
Dates:  May 1, 2007 - April 30, 2008
Problem: An incorrect type of steel was used for the rigid LATCH connector pawl. A “pawl” is the small part that slips into the teeth of a ratchet wheel. The pawl could crack during a severe crash, which could allow the base to detach from the vehicle anchors. The recall affects 5,787 units.
    Only the Latch-Loc base is affected by this recall.  Until the new base arrives, the Latch-Loc can be used safely if installed using the vehicle seat belt, either with or without the base.
    Baby Trend will send a new base by mail, along with postage and instructions to mail the recalled base back to Baby Trend in the box in which the new base was sent. Owners may not keep both bases.  Baby Trend  told SRN that it is currently replenishing its inventory of  rigid LATCH bases, so owners who contact Baby Trend this summer will have the option to get a compatible Flex-Loc base or wait until the Latch-Loc base has been manufactured.
Contact: Registered owners will be notified by Baby Trend.  Owners who have not registered, or who have further questions, should contact Baby Trend at 1-800-328-7363 or at  Though there is no recall information on its website at this time, Baby Trend has told SRN that owners should use the “Contact Us” feature and indicate interest in the recall in the message field for information to be sent to them.

Dorel Models: Tether Abrasion Issue
• Cosco Alpha Omega — 02332; 02531, 02533, 02537, 02555
• Cosco Hi-Back — 02442, 02443, 02445, 02448, 02449, 02450, 02480, 02495
• Cosco Touriva — 02014, 02015, 02019, 02084, 02094, 02114, 02504, 02514, 02518, 02519, 02524,
   02584, 02803, 02806, 02821, 02825, 02935, 93084, 93094, 93514
•  Eddie Bauer Hi-Back — 02849, 02880
• Cosco Touriva — 02870, 02871, 02875
Dates: January 1, 2000 – September 30, 2001
Problem: The tether webbing material used fails to conform to the abrasion requirements of FMVSS 213.  If the webbing is exposed to significant abrasion, it could degrade and fail to provide sufficient protection in a crash.
     Dorel will provide a free replacement tether kit and instructions.
Contact: 1-866-690-2539, or visit

CYBEX Solution X-fix Booster Recall
Model Name: Solution X-fix booster
Model Numbers: 0500200, 0500760
Date: February 2010
Problem: On certain CYBEX Solution X-fix booster seats, the warning label fails to warn the user to buckle in the unoccupied booster with the seat belt, even if the rigid lower connectors are attached to lower anchors.  According to Regal-Lager, the distributor for CYBEX in the U.S., advice to secure the unused booster by only the lower attachments is inconsistent with CYBEX recommended practices.  In order to ensure safety, when the Solution X-fix is unoccupied, users are instructed to secure it with a seat belt.
     Regal-Lager has sent new warning labels and owner’s manuals to registered owners of the Solution X-fix to remedy the situation.
     The performance of the Solution X-fix is not affected by this recall when used with a child secured in the booster.


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