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   Continuing to learn and staying up to date is a necessity for all of us involved in child passenger safety. We want to make this affordable for you, so our rates have been kept low.
   Published bimonthly, Safe Ride News is the most comprehensive independent source of CPS information for health and safety professionals and advocates. It provides the latest information on safety for children in personal vehicles, school buses, and aircraft, including what YOU need to know about:


  • New child restraint models you’ll see at checkup events.
  • Vehicle safety and technology changes.
  • What changes in government standards mean for caregivers—and for you.
  • Research, program ideas, and new resources to improve your programs.
  • Recall details, including car seat recalls and vehicle recalls affecting CPS.

   Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for recertification are available for paid subscribers—one CEU per completed subscription year. Your paid invoice will provide proof of purchase.

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